Kosi Lionhair: 6. The Helpful Soldier

Will we still be eating spinach and soy cheese roll-ups in the 22nd century? 
I danced through the grey bare-concrete doorway with the 8-W painted above it, so happy to have made it. The concrete space opened out to each side into a concourse filled with crowds of people moving through, knowing where they were going. I would think about my destination in a minute.
First I wanted to browse through the stalls sprinkled through the space, as some others of the crowd were also doing. Besides, I was hungry. Would I be able to buy something for 2 credits? I had to keep 4 for the way back.
A woman stood or sat selling something by every grey column. One sold flowers from a half dozen water-filled buckets. I sniffed the air, she watched me suspiciously. “These are real flowers?” I asked.
“On your way, fetcher.”
Another had a pyramid of bottles of water on a cart. I wasn’t thirsty. But when I smelled the bags of fluffy popcorn the next woman had in a couple of big baskets, I swallowed a sud…

Kosi Lionhair: 5. The Stone Palm

Nearest I could find to the buggy idea. We'll see how we go with the embed code ...

The buggy jerked down a little in the corner where I clung to the guide bars.
Ee-ee-eng. A wrenching squeal in that same corner.
The door slid back into its bent frame, wedging and forming a triangular hole.
My chance! The gap had to be large enough! I leapt for the framework, scrambled up it like a monkey. Right foot on a window frame. Left foot in a narrow slot in the door. One hand on the door frame. One arm reaching across the concrete lip surrounding the roof.
The buggy juddered as I pushed off from it.
One foot, two feet. Two arms over the lip.
Snap! The buggy helped by swaying away.
I clambered up the wall with tiptoes and knees. Slung my knee over. Wrenched my shoulder up and over. Rolled over the little wall. Lay there, looking up at the sky. Low cloud. Blue between the foggy patches.
Thank you Hen, for insisting I learn all those moves. Get onto the top of the wardrobe anyway except …

Kosi Lionhair: 4. The Crooked Fist


Kosi Lionhair: 3. The Elevator Buggies

A street urchin that could be Kosi Lionhair with her happy face on. The elevator buggies are pure steampunk of course. Kosi 

We were out through the back door. Hen hustled me past glass sliding doors on the right. “The transport pick-up yard for our level,” she said. “Do you recall it from the map?”
“Where hover cabs pick up and drop off people, and deliver stuff.” I had eyes only for the door at the end of the corridor. Steel grey.
Hen stamped on the sensa-mat. “This is how to get the old door to take notice.”
Finally it slid into the wall to the left. We stepped through, over a sill. Hen let the door slide shut behind us. At the end of a covered area, a curtain of … “Is that rain?” I asked.
“It sure is!” Hen said with a smile in her voice.
I shot out, as far as the safety rails. I was outside! In the rain! Getting wet! Little drops sat lightly on my face and arms. They soaked into my Fetcher clothes. They fell into my eyes sometimes and into my mouth – I opened wide – and tasting…