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About Blogging, One

What I've learned over 2011 (so far) about blogging. I write three blogs of varying success, due I believe to the level of popular versus specialist interest in their topics.

Despite the fact I began it over eight months after this blog,, my blog about biodiversity in my backyard, interest in it has by-passed interest in this one with leaps and bounds.

Although I began the blog to interest local gardeners and build up a community interest in the biodiversity of life we all have access to in this region, that we can all help to maintain in the face of the big changes coming, it has been of more interest by readers world-wide. Its hit count is approx 1225 from 102 posts.

Mullum Yard's format is simple. I always have a photo of something happening in the one or two days of the time, accompanied by a little story of about 500 words. For the titles I'm often able to dip into the large public domain of 'sticky' words, where sticky means cur…