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Miss Marple Scarf


Death to Sentences?

Yesterday I picked up a book to read that I bought in a yard sale. (In Australia normally called a garage sale) Published in 1984.

I read the author's note. Quite interesting. Studied the diagram of the ship, quite interesting. Started reading.

About halfway down paragraph one I had to stop to catch my breath. I looked for the punctuation to tell me the end of the sentence. None.  And not until the end of the paragraph?
As a first sentence, even a first paragraph did it grab me? Couldn't make head or tails out of it. It goes on and on and on. In fact, I stopped to count the words. 
One hundred and forty five words in the sentence, and the first sentence of the book at that! Am I reading that book? No way Hozay. 
While in my apprenticeship of learning to write, I was advised to use no more than fifteen words in a sentence. Certainly the first sentence. I recommend that number when I review other people's work. 
I always wonder whether in the good old publishing eighties, publishe…

Taking up where I left off ...

A while ago I was in a discussion about taking up where we left off in relation to writing projects after a number of years. 
Yes of course you can, I said with ignorant bravado. I'm having a go at that.
I'm working on a short story, SG, at the moment. Its working title. (I tend to initialise titles to get short file names.) 
I wrote it originally in about 2008.  Characters might have been a little sketchy. The premise was such a good idea. I spruiked it around with nary a nibble. I put it to bed, a problem child. 
A work opportunity came up for a feisty heroine in a 'different' fantasy.
All good, I thought. I've got such in SG. I'll dig them out and refurbish a bit. 
Transgender him to her. Make her a mover and shaker. Explain the scenario more clearly.
So far I have I had to re-imagine her point of view.
The premise was probably too obscure, and had to be reworked.
I had to activate my character's emotional intelligence. Showing requires it. Her sto…

Good grief!

Good grief, Google wished me a Happy Birthday!

The above flashed up when I opened Safari this morning. I don't recall ever giving out that fact to them. I thought I had kept the date between my ears and under my hat.

And here I thought that being one identity among millions I wouldn't be noticed. My apologies +Darko Luketic you were right.

I will have to take a fine tooth comb to my data. I guess it will be an interesting experiment to see if deleting the above will cause Google to 'forget'.