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Reviving Kosi Lionhair

When I posted the first instalment of Kosi Lionhair on #saturdayscenes I didn't make any changes from its previous incarnation. Then I reread the rest of the material. for future Saturdays, you understand. I remembered the difficulties I had with the plot. And remembered that I was unable to finish it ...

It was so long ago that I've lost the sketch-portrait I made of Kosi.

Kosi Lionhair began life about five years ago when I thought to expand the envelope, and write a novel in instalments and blog them, journal style, in the voice and POV of a young girl. Naturally writing into the universe I am still discovering, of the Australia Archipelago, a bunch of islands where once was a continent.

This particular story starts in one of the old cities with most of its buildings now with their feet in the tide. (the 'now' being in the present time in the story, 2210+/- AD).

So after I retrieved this one from the various files and after re-reading everything, I first straightene…

Distracted is not the Same thing as Distraction

Ha ha, I apparently was so distracted getting the Owl Project ready for its launch, I practically rewrote my first post about it.

No, I won't post that nestbox again.

Perhaps a cute owl this time ...

However, I hardly touched the subject of owls today, preparing instead a story for submitting it to a Ticonderoga Publications Anthology.  
>>>>> And it's away. 
Maybe tomorrow, after I have unofficially launched the owls into the ether, I can get back to Monster-moored.
The day after that, the 18th, is the National Landcare Conference and at high noon I'm told is the official launch of the Pozible/LandcareNSW Environmental Collection!

My Life as an Owl Nestbox Procuror

I've been reading the Queensland Writers Centre Magazine about getting distracted. How to stop yourself not writing 3000 words by the end of the day. Of course, reading about getting distracted is allowing yourself to get distracted about getting distracted.

I had the latest draft of my novel Monster-Moored 80% done when I was asked to help with the Nest-boxes for Owls project, a crowdfunding campaign on the new Pozible platform, their new partnership with NSWLandcare.

How could I refuse? We were one of 15 such projects in Australia, to be launched on the Landcare Anniversary day, in Melbourne ... always considering if we can get it together by then.

This was about a month ago. I learned about owls for the first week, sourced owl images. I just knew  that was going to be the hardest part. Ha ha.

I studied up on the Pozible requirements for the second week. Sourced Owl images. Still the hardest part.

Then started learning how to make the recommended 2 minute video. The hardest part…

Not Enough Weeks in August

You can tell I've had a super busy August by the dearth of posts. The first week of August was all about learning about Owls.

Oops, that was meant to be a secret. I wasn't meant to let the owl out of the bag. Or should I say out of its nesting box?

Got one of those now, from Hollow Log Homes, just in time to be included in the start of the campaign.

The second and most of the third week were about studying how to put together the campaign. Lots of study of the different Pozible campaigns. Why they succeeded. Why some of them didn't make it. 
The rest of August went in trying to catch up with myself and making a start on learning how to put the video together. Finally I located someone who offered to teach me the nitty gritty. We started this morning, full of good intentions. 
Spent a fruitless three hours with our techie hats on. The upshot of it all was that video shot on iPhone 4 will transfer to iMovie in widescreen format only. 
It's back to the drawing board with…