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Kosi Lionhair Page Rejigged

A couple of reasons decided me to rejig the Kosi Lionhair Page rather than start another blog.

1) The on-going problem getting good art,  I have to work on that but the Page needed to be changed now.

2) I rescued this story from a blog that wasn't working. It's like revisiting old unsuccessful territory.

3) A blog works in the same way that the Page works. A reader constantly has to scroll up and down to get to the beginnings of chapters. This is quite an old blog lay out. If I get a new one I may be able to link chapters within a page to their chapter names.

4) I want to leave all my publishing options open.

How I have changed the Page.

1) I summarized Chapters 1-10

2) I'm presenting Chapter names in the same order that the chapters appear.

Re-inventing Christmas.

The austerity of the past few Christmases appears to be over with this re-invention of the Christmas ambience.

I always used to organise a real pine tree, real candles and all the decorations gathered over the eagle-chick's childhood years. And kept it up for for or five years after he left the nest.

Then I let it all go and for a few years had nary a pine branch, a candle or any bits of glitter.

I bought the lights this year. Impulse at Woollies. Was able to lay my hands on the handmade Christmas cards from previous years easily (without having to fetch a ladder from the garage, reach through the manhole into the ceiling cavity and root around for the Christmas decorations stowed there for the year), and added in the cards of these year pegging them to a bright cloth.

I love the little LED lights. Great invention. You can have bright and cheer without the worry of fires. Or extra heat. They reflect everywhere, multiplying the effect.

Christmas Day we joined the extended family …

Kosi Lionhair as a Blog: Will I or Won't I?

Due to the difficulties I'm having finding solutions to seemingly intractable Blogger problems, and the time it is taking coming to the intractability conclusion, I'm thinking of converting the Page where I'm archiving Kosi Lionhair to its own blog.

Not all plain sailing.

First I will need to get art quick smart. IE before I start the blog. I always feel that I have wasted an opportunity for communication + if I post without a picture.

Second are decisions such as am I going with the set pattern? Or am I going dynamic? Obviously dynamic is the 'should'. People read on their phones. I don't know how, but I expect their eyes and fine motor skills are younger than mine.

Third is the kind of art I should hope for. Or make that, organise for. I'd love not to have to do too much thinking in this direction. Because thinking = time, no matter that I love making the art. I also made a choice. Writing it is. One thing I can do is re-purpose art already on hand. In t…