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Mongrel: Tardi Refuses to be Distracted ...

Shad distracts Tardi from his worries generated by the monster, by interesting him in the Stormy tattoos. 
Today, Tardi explored an area of the island not overseen by windows. North-facing, the whole quadrant of the building remained shuttered for storms and every time between them. Not enough people to run the place, probably. Tardi hadn’t met Cele this morning and Shad was glum. 

Serves him right. Shad should be suffering indigestion on top of the guilt. Tardi’s problem was the monster. When he so blithely stepped into Callum’s mud bath, the monster pulled back so sharply that Tardi felt every aspect of the disengagement. But when Trinnet on board the boat grew sea-sick, and then vomited, the monster hijacked all of Trinnet’s sensations and Tardi also grew sea-sick and then vomited.
Tardi began his study on the lower of the two decks encircling the whole building. The sandy-bottomed shallows adjacent to a narrow sliver of sand troubled with the purest reef blue water he ever saw, and i…

Mongrel: Shad's Decision

This section doesn't have a proper introduction yet. It's from Shad's POV and has him dealing with Trinnet who is a trial to everybody. As a result, Shad may make the wrong decision and feel forever guilty about consequent events. 
“You be but a newbie yourself an you take the Tamer’s levels and his tattoos on yourself?” Trinnet said.
“Everything is fresh in my mind,” Shad said.
Trin didn’t appear to listen, or he had the Great Bastard chasing through him after his thoughts.  “I’m not staying,” Trinnet said, having already said that a number of times. “The Great Bastard is that restless in me.”
“I hear you,” Shad said. Oh Silver Ship, give me patience. “Might be for the best, us separating. Our eggs not all in the same frypan, you get my meaning.”
“For sure, when yon half-feathered friend is gone bad. He does not mark the greater good, does he?”   “I don’t know,” Shad said. He wouldn’t gainsay the man he’d picked to shadow. Thick and thin. Besides, the greater good mightn’…

Mongrel: Tardi in the Huddle's Mud

“She be glad to be leaving,” Shad said. “Let’s be at it, Tar.”
“Whip crack about the sea-doors stung you,” Tardi said. 
“Not wrong. Go in clothes and all. Takes you too long to get them off over your tree bits.”
Tardi found a stool and a chair arranged to step up into the tank. “She stung me with her whip-crack about her witch’s cauldron,” he said. “Thought I might turn into the frog-prince.”
Shad laughed. 
Tardi felt around with his foot in the steaming grey mud for a step down into the tank. “Found it.” He squatted slowly into the mud aiming for a seat on the stool, taking notice he couldn’t help but, the stuff happening at the boundaries of himself and the mud. 
A sensation of a hundred thousand dulled points walked up him as he sank. He nearly missed the monster’s distress. Settling on the stool, he concentrated. 
The monster cringed out of all the places it had expanded into. 
Tardi shuddered recalling that feeling of the thing as he called it then, twisting and turning in him, …

Mongrel: Why the Tree-bug?

Why the Tree-bug? Tardi asks. He doesn't get any promising answers. And apparently the only hope for him is a woman who has already proved untrustworthy ... 
Cele's Answers
“Why did you come here, Tree-man?” Cele said. 
Would she ask if she had the monster visiting her? “Anything you know about this disease.” He squished needles in his mangy hair. “Do you know it?”
“I know of it,” she said. “Never knew what it would do to humans if spread like fertiliser up and down the countryside.”
 “Need a cure. Not just for me either.” 
He said it all again, in case she hadn’t taken it in. “There are hundreds back home. They’re being called new-trees and they have their human souls still in them. Only a couple of us walking and talking. Partials.”
“An off-world bio-agent brought in by one of the Huddle to help them convert our air into something they can breathe,” she said.
That was a scrap of info and no use to him at all apart from tickling his interest. No mention of a cure. “What’s the …

Mongrel: Tardi at the Reefarium

If you have ever dreamed of being a dolphin ... you'll appreciate what Cele is doing.
Two short sections today. The first scene has Tardi explaining how he turned into a tree-man. The use of this scene is to remind readers of events in Mortal, part one of the series.The second scene is from Cele's POV, her reviewing parts of her backstory. 
Tardi Cele sat down opposite Trinnet and Tardi but perched on the chair as if she would run given the slightest reason.
So he should start in on his story. “I was thrown against some silver coral by a shock-wave from a boat, and sometime after the poison from the coral took hold in me, our countryside was sprayed with what Joe Loreno brought home. Aerial spray, by a personal harrier, it is believed.”
He stopped to sip from Shad’s brew. No input from Cele, Trinnet or the monster. “Where the resulting mist fell, people transformed into what we’re calling new-trees, for want of a more accurate description of what might have happened to them. The…