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Mongrel: Zebe, Hearing Neil's News

A scene from Zebe's point of view in which she hears what happened to her twin, Xanthe and she meets Tardi and Shad. 
Zebe dithered in the corridor. 

Her wrist deck pulsed. Call waiting. Not just one pulse, but five or six. Impatient caller. Had she enough reception in the corridor for talk? “Hey Neil, what’s up?” 

Her brother-in-law-to-be sobbed. 

Oh shit. 

“I’m a broken man, Zebe. Broken. She’s gone. My Valkyrie.”

“What are you saying?” Zebe shouted over his grief. “Are you talking about Xanthe?” She had to make sure. “Where did she go?”
“Nowhere. Didn’t run away.”

Awful feeling that she knew. Was told. Cele.

One of the fire-doors opened further. The Stormy. Already crying, she turned her back. “Where did she go, Neil?” 

“The cleaning crew told me because they knew about us.”

Zebe shouted to shut him up. “Tell me about Xanthe!”  

 “The fucking ladies took her, didn’t they? The aliens. The monster. And the EMBers have embargoed the event.” 

“What happened?” she repeated. “What happened?” 


Mongrel: Connecting One Disaster with the Next

A hand grasped Tardi's shirt collar. Jerked him up. 
He bit down on a scream. The monster jounced in him as turgidly as a water-filled balloon. 
“Fuck it Tar, don’t make me have to kill myself as well,” Shad said, hauling Tardi up. 
The football slowly deflated. 
You saved me, my best-beloved shadow.
“I know I know,” Shad said. “It’s what I signed up for. To die when you die. But shit! I didn’t expect to have to when we’ve only barely left home.” 
Tardi licked his teeth. “Spit or swallow?” he said. 
Shad shrugged. Wiped mud from Tardi’s face. “You lost the chair, I expect,” Shad said. “You should come out, anyway. Have a shower. The old lady is packing her gear. She aims to paddle a kayak? There’s no accounting for what a sapient will do. Meaning the sea-doors?”
Ah. Shad stressed about the sea coming in. Tardi spat. 
After helping Tardi clamber from the tank, Shad led him into the shower cubicle. “You want me to take a knife to your clothes? Get them off you that way?”
“I’ve got no spares,”…

Mongrel: Callum's Passing

The monster enables/forces Tardi to experience Callum's last actions ...
Tardi sat in the mud. Wither-wondering. Hope Shad can think of a way to take some mud with us. Wonder if the monster is entertaining Callum and or Trinnet with my doings?  Errant thoughts. 

The black-haired brow overhung his own, or in other words, he looked through Callum’s eyes. He heard Trinnet excusing himself by way of Callum’s ears.

“Don’t need to look at me so blackly, young one. I did it for the best. A load shared is a load halved, is what we Stormies say. Ace halved Tardi’s load. An elder halving a youth’s load, there’s a topsy turvy in there somewhere, if you get my meaning?” Trinnet stopped, maybe expecting an answer. 
Callum said nothing but continued to stare. 

Trinnet continued. “Topsy-turves are my favourite corrections. The Great Bastard is a heavy load to bear and youths are famously the stronger. You’re a youth and I’m the one that were put upon with the load. Bastard rarely sleeps and I aim to k…